I'm looking for a piece of new music that was featured on UG news a few months ago

This is killing me. For some reason, I didn't bookmark it. I call on you, Great Pit, for I have spent hours trying to find it on here and on Google but to no avail.

The genre is hard rock or metal. No growling, screaming or shouting. 

I believe it's a supergroup of some sorts, and the lead guitarist is a very old guy (60+ years old) whom I believe was described as "still making music at his age." Considered quite a legend.

The music video was of the group performing in the middle of nowhere. The environment is something like a clearing in the middle of a forest. 

Or alternatively, is there any way to go find every single comment I've made on UG news, because I almost definitely commented something about the solo being tasteful. Using Google and "triface" didn't help. 
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