Hey all, 

As a back-up for my currently out of action Marshall DSL100H I've picked up an Orange CR120H Head. I'm figuring that it's solid state so will be a fair bit more reliable than my Marshall so I've got a decent sounding back-up if I was to ever tour etc. 

Cab wise I'd be running it through my Marshall 1960B 412. 

Now I've done a fair bit of reading on why Orange's cannot possible ever go with Marshalls because Marshall's use the Celestion G12-75 Speaker. My Marshall does indeed have these speakers and I won't be able to afford a new cab any time soon. 

My question is, despite all the vitriol that has been spewed forth on the Orange forum about these speakers, is this going to be a disaster? 

It's only going to be a back-up and chances are that one day I'll pick up an Orange 212 or something to have as a back-up cab. But I can't see the pairing being that diabolical that it's unusable?!
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Bollocks to anyone who says you can't use a Marshall cab with an Orange head, or ANY cab with ANY head.  The G12-75 simply gets a bad rap from some people because....people have opinions.  People have preferences for different sounds.  It is known as a more "scooped" speaker in that it doesn't emphasize the mids as much as other speakers, but has a bit more low end and high end instead.  Not everybody's cup of tea, but you might like them, or you might hate them.  No way of knowing without trying the matchup and hearing for yourself.

And shit, the typical "Orange" tone is pretty similar to the "Marshall" tone.  If you like your Marshall on that cab, then it's very likely you'll enjoy it with your Orange head.  It may just be a matter of tweaking the EQ to get it right.
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Cheers for the input. I think I just needed someone to tell me that I hadn't wasted £300 haha. 
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you will be fine. totally acceptable.
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Depending on what you are going for it may be perfect, it may be not so perfect, there isn't anything inherent about that combo makint it imcompatible
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