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I just got a new Bugera V22 amp, which I love to death so far. I am however not that good at hearing what difference the amp settings change (i used to have a shitty amp). I would love to get a Slash esque vibe on the amp. Any suggestions? Right now i have Gain=8, Bass=5, Mid=10, Treble=8 and Presence=6
You're using an amp that is in no way the sort of amp Slash would've used.

Giving out certain settings to try doesn't really work because everybody plays guitar differently, everybody has different guitars and the acoustics of the room you're in and where you're situated in said room can make enormous differences in how you set the amp up that any specific settings people recommend, while they don't hurt to try, aren't likely to be very useful.

The best thing to do is just to trust your ears. Set all your controls (apart from your master volume obviously) at 12 o'clock and adjust each control one at a time and hear how each one changes the tone one at a time. Being able to discern the tonal differences comes with experience. If you really were so tone deaf that couldn't hear how different amps sound different then you wouldn't have asked your question in the first place.
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well those settings aren't likely to get Slash or anyone else for that matter. a V22 isn't even close to a Marshall like Slash uses so don't expect to nail the tone. best thing to do is to set all tone controls to 5 and move them around a little at a time til you get something you like. not lkely that you would need to max any of them though. you also don't mention what guitar you are using.  oh and ease up on the gain you are over doing it by a fair bit
I know nothing about OD type sounds, but I do like Slash's Gn'R tones. What kind of Marshall and settings would you associate with his sound? - I have a Sansamp Character British, and it is easy enough to find info on the amp type emulations, but not individual artist sounds