I'm a huge Dave Ellefson fan, but that's not the biggest reason I've been interested in his signature. I've been a 4-string player ever since I started playing bass around 9 years ago. I've been considering buying a 5-string for my next bass.

I don't play live music anymore since I have a full-time career and a family. If I ever will play live again, it will most likely be with worship music at church.

In my personal playing I mainly play metal. I have heard some sound demos of the Jackson Dave Ellefson, and I really enjoyed the tone. I've played Standard Jackson Concerts before and loved the feel of the fretboard and neck.

Does anyone have experience with this bass? I'd love to hear thoughts!
The Ellefson Signature basses cover a wide range, from overseas-made versions to very expensive USA Custom versions.  They are all good basses, and the USA Custom version is as good as anything that ever came out of the Jackson factory.

The Ellefson bass is very much a 1980s style bass, so if you like that, by all means, go for it!  It is essentially a Superstrat guitar morphed into a bass; something that was extremely common during the "Hair Metal" craze of the 1980s.  Some people loved them, others did not.  It is the same with a great many other bass designs.
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I have an older Jackson CMG. My experience with Jackson's are thick ass necks and shitty upper fret access, even on the neck throughs I tried in store. I like the look of the Ellefson sig, but I can't move past the thick necks and upper fret access. To each their own, and if you liked the way it felt and played, I'd say go for it. I prefer a thinner neck, and any preamp or effects will cover tonal differences well. Love the thought of a Megadeth guitar being used for church, lmao.

By the way, the reason I have a Jackson CMG is because 10- 15 years ago I was tuned Megadeth. They could do no wrong, I backed every decision they made, defended Risk (oh god), i even bought my first bass because of the fact that Dave Ellefson played Jackson (Still love the pointy though). I regret that decision. There are better basses out there for that price and quality. Where are they making Jackson's these days? India? China? Mine is Japanese and I would consider anything but that or American a significant step down. 

It seems like most people here subscribe to the Amp provides tone, not guitar or pickup, so unless you want that aggressive look I would not recommend a Jackson for any reason. They may make great 6 strings (I don't know, I have a Kramer), but I feel like their basses are a complete afterthought to try and get their brand out with minimal effort. Who even endorses them now? I remember when I got my bass it was just Chris Beattie (Sp?), I'm not sure they were even doing an Ellefson sig at the time because he wasn't playing with Megadeth.

I think your money is better spent somewhere else in the bass world. Sorry for the ramblings.