Hello fellow UG'ers!

In the vein (or should that be vain?) of my most recent offering, I return with another sort of old school nu-metal attempt. Soooooo....

aaaaaaww~I~stepped~in~it productions proudly presents.............


As always, fiddling around with it stopped making it better so I figured it was finished. There is, I'm sure, much room for improvement so please feel free to point out all the issues and areas that sound less than inspiring. My mix skills are still well below par so any suggestions on that would be good. 

Always happy to go crit-4-crit with anyone who listens so leave me a link to your thread and I will take a look and try to offer something approaching useful criticism.

Haha, "old school nu-metal."  Interesting track man!  I heard a bit of a grunge influence myself.  I liked your selection of effects on the clean guitars -- definitely a "Korn" sound you've got going there.  As for the composition, I can't really comment much; it's been so long since I've spent any time listening to this sort of music.  As for the mix itself, I was thinking it could maybe benefit from a little more "meat" in the guitars.  It sounds like the guitars were maybe high-passed a bit too high and they sound a little thin.  It could be something where you could just add another track of guitars and that would thicken them up; I don't know.  It could just be that I've been quad-tracking lately and thus I've grown accustomed to very dense tracks.  But when I think of nu-metal I do tend to think of rather thick, chunky guitar sounds.  All-in-all, this is a unique listen -- not something you hear every day, and definitely not "cookie-cutter" nu-metal as some of that material started to sound like in the early 2000s.

Here's a link to my latest work; a long atmospheric black metal tune.  I'd appreciate your analysis if you have the time.  https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1735834 
KailM - Thanks for taking the time to listen. Yeah "old school Nu-metal is a bit of an oxymoron - but I'm getting old enough now that it seems right to call the nu-metal I used to listen to "old School".

I agree about the guitar tone - I hate it. I hate the tone on pretty much everything I record. Truth is I suck at trying to dial in anything good. And if I add more low end to it I lose even more of my tom sound (which is already weaker than a flat earthists grasp on physics). I think I am getting slightly better with time - by the next ice age I should have a pretty awesome sound. 

Will drop you a comment on your track.

Hey man. I hear some Type o Negative in this. Really reminded me of them and possibly Machine head. Just the groove thrash sound.

I wouldn't rag on the tone too much, I think it sounded decent. I've heard WAY WORSE guitar tones.

But overall not bad man! I really dug it. 

I like the effects you got going on, that static kinda sound coming in and out. But yeah rock on brother.
Sounds like Sleep man, kind of like that and Soundgarden,  I would have made the track more bluesy but that's just personal preference. I enjoyed it overall production is solid and so are the performances, good job
Not Much to all to what others have said. The guitars do really need some of that lower end to come out. But overall I really like the song. Good job.
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I actually got a Stoner/Sludge Metal vibe from the first two minutes of the song, and the deep vocals reminded me of Phil Anselmo in 'This Love', which means you have a badass voice haha. The guitars are lacking a little bit of bass in my opinion, but maybe you went for that lighter approach intentionally. Overall it's a very pro sounding and atmospheric song (very nice details with the electric noises and the guitar chorus/flanger), although it drags on for a little too long for me, but that's just my opinion.

Here's my song in case you wanna check it out: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1740228
Thanks for checking out my song!

Nu-metal doesn't have great connotations for me.  I'd argue that it isn't very nu-metal, but I'm not sure what old-school nu-metal is so whatever, I'm just saying it's a pretty cool song.

I was hoping for more of a climax, because the whole song felt like a great buildup.  But I can respect that maybe the song was supposed to be a moody piece and wasn't meant to have a huge dynamic swing.  I agree with VictorG though, I thought it was a little long for not having a climax.

Production was pretty good, assuming you were going for the old-school sound.
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vIsIbleNoIsE Thanks for listening. I wasnt expecting a return crit as I only left a short message on your track simply because I liked the feel of it. I kind of stopped actively promoting this track. So yeah, cool surprise for you to drop me a listen.

For anyone who is still guessing at what I was aiming for ~ slightly robotic, sequenced, drum roll please ~

     ...... I was going for a "Mate Feed Kill Repeat" era Slipknot sound. I thought it was kind of a clever idea to go for something with low production values cos it would be more likely to sound like it (and I like that album and had rediscovered it again recently). But given the varying references people have made above - sounds like I need to hit the drawing board again

Thanks to everyone for the listens and comments. I'm sure I'll be back again soon with another frustrating round of "guess what he was trying to emulate".

I dig the groove/riff that is going on through out the song. I got vibes like Sleep, maybe some Old Sabbath-esque. I'm not that much into nu-metal genre per say. I think the guitars are okay, maybe needs a bit more low end.

I just put up my new song, if you want to critic it