I picked up a boss katana 50 as a home practice solution around 3 months ago and while i love the amp - ive still never been able to get a good modern metal tone out of it.
I'm hoping some people here are maybe familiar with it as i struggle to find any resources online about tone settings with the amp.
Using the tone studio they have a set of metal presets you can use but all the rhythm ones sound muddy to me with little clarity or very '80's metal'
I've tried dialing in my own tone using the lead channel with either the distortion or metalzone built in effect and again same thing. I cant seem to get the typical chunk metal tone.

Whats more is that if i just set the amp to clean with 100% volume and plug my own pedals like a mt-2 in it sounds fantastic but i bought the damn thing to replace me using pedals in the house.
Anyone here had any luck with it?
If you think the in-amp distortion sounds muddy but the Boss Metalzone sounds fantastic then your concept of what sounds muddy doesn't seem a very tenable one.

But in all seriousness, the presets that come in most cheap modelling amps are garbage. Even the presets that come bone stock in systems like Axe FX and Kemper are lackluster to me. I would generally avoid the presets altogether (unless one of them does actually have the potential to sound good) and completely overhaul it with extensive tweaking. It takes time, but with enough experimentation the end results might give you what you're looking for.
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Don't worry its not the original mt-2 its from a digitech multi pedal 'df-7'. I have it on the setting that is supposed to be based on the mt-2 and it has been my go-to pedal for a long time, i believe its got a bit more customization and sounds better than the original. I've had it taped over for as long as i can remember and just refer to it as that.
As for the amp i might look into tweaking it, it feels like there is no pick attack at all on the chugs so maybe i can mess with the parametric eq.
Check out the so called sneaky amps: http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=20630.0

Basically they're a bunch of additional amp models that Boss had from their other modeling products that they didn't include by default in the Katana. I couldn't get a really solid, modern high gain tone until I started messing around with those.

Of course, they're still from a cheap modeling amp, so I wouldn't expect it to compete with a legit higher dollar high gain amp, but that made it better than other similarly priced modelers I've tried.