I'm doing my grade 8 electric guitar, and have discovered that the string bending is a lot more serious than I'm used to (but I probably should have seen it coming). I play a lot of acoustic so my fingers are properly callused up, but it still hurts (a lot). I think it might be my strings - are there any good gauges for 1 1/2 and 2 bends?

Btw I don't know if there is a pre-existing thread about this kind of thing.
What strings are you using? And what guitar (scale length and frets can be a factor)? Unless they're big (i.e. 12s and up in E standard) the answer to being able to bend without hurting yourself is generally practicing bending more.
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I honestly like bending on heavier strings, I can get a better grip on them with my finger tips. If you are having pain issues try 10's or 9's. When I was a kid I used to bend the crap out of super slinkys, always had problems keeping the guitars in tune doing it though. Not sure if it was string gauge issues, or poor guitar issues.
I see what you mean about heavy strings - but my finger almost split after an overly enthusiastic 2 (4 semitone) bend. You might be onto something though, I might go and find some 9s or 10s.
I use 9's and jumbo frets. No issues with "fingertip grip," tons of bendability, no issues with tune (unless they're on an LP with a badly cut nut or they're brand new strings that haven't been stretched in properly yet). 
9's for the bends.
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yep try lighter strings e.g. 9s.
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I tried going to light strings when I started bending but they just felt awful to me and went out of tune faster. So i stuck with mediums, with practise your callused fingers will become even more callused
Thanks once again.
I think overall I'm getting mixed opinions, I've never really felt much difference between light, medium, and heavy gauges (well, maybe between light and heavy). I think I'll probably stick with what I've got.
I typically use either .009 or .010 the .009 are easier to bend but the .010s are not bad either. .011 and up are going to be stiffer and more difficult for bends.
If you are using .011 you may try a set of .010 there will be less of a difference tesion wise than if you derop all the way to .009s but you should notice a difference when bending.
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I run 9-46 for standard tuning mostly cause bending thicker unwound strings hurts my fingers but doesn't matter on thethicker wound strings cause the thicker strings don't cut into my fingers. It's a good compromise between tone and playability IMHO. I run 10-52's on the guitar tuned to D standard.
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