I'm starting to learn how to play, and thinking about upgrading to a better amp. I've had a Marshall MG15CFX amp and it sounded horrible. Current amp is a Blackstar ID Core 10w. The tone is pretty good (infinitely better than the Marshall) but having 2 5" speakers it's pretty limited.

I'm not playing with a band since, well... I can't totally play anything well enough yet, but eventually that might be a possibility. Right now just something to play in the bedroom and have some great tones while I learn.

Guitar is an Epiphone LP standard. Eventually at some point I'd like to buy a Strat, probably a Classic Vibe.

Don't play any particular type of music, little bit of everything. Just looking for something that will be versatile.

Right now, the amps I've been looking at are the Fender SuperChamp XD, Vox AC10, etc. Trying to keep it reasonably priced, definitely $500 or less. Any suggestions on what amps I should look at?
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Without knowing genre: Marshall DSL401. 
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Used Peavey Delta Blues, VHT Special 6 Ultra, you've got a lot of choices.
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Do you use pedals for distortion or do you use the amp?  Do you need the same volume as you are getting with your blackstar or would you prefer a little less? Or, are you looking for a bit more volume?
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If you go used you could be lucky and get a JCM 800 combo for under 500. Tbh I've seen many great amps go for that price. Just last week I seen some dude online sell a peavey 5150 head for 450
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Without knowing genre: Marshall DSL401. 

or a classic 30/50/delta blues. or if clean HRD.

or a VK or if more extreme a JSX combo.

all in budget used, and widely available.
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I'm using a Carvin Belair (same as the Nomad but with two 12" speakers instead of one). The "Soak" channel is the gain channel, the first channel provides gorgeous cleans. The amps are small and compact and pretty lightweight, but seriously loud (at 50W of EL84 output) when you want them to be. 

As an aside: There's a set of mods for the Belair and Nomad from a guy named Hasserl (google "Hasserl Mods") which are freely available. You can do the Stage 1 mods yourself, but the Stage II mods should probably be done by a tech. The parts are very easily sourced, or Richard ("Hasserl") will sell you a baggie of bits for cheap. The amps by themselves are really *really* good, but I swear by the Stage II mods. 
If you get a chance try jet city amps.A used tube combo will be about 300-400 used, while(selling used in my country) a stack+cab jet city jca50h head+cab for 300-Jet's aren't made for high gain,distortion type tone
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The SuperChamp is a pretty sweet tube hybrid if you want vintage tones in a grab-n-go package.  It does Fender Tweed/Blackface, Vox AC30, Marshall Plexi all pretty well and the limited onboard effects (rev/delay/trem/chorus/flange) are useful so I don't even need a pedalboard.  I am doing a quick 2 set gig tonight and the SC is going as my gig rig.  The Mesa and Super Reverb stay home because they are complete overkill for this small room. 

If you need more modern and higher gain stuff look at Jet City or Laney.   Both offer solid Brit crunch and plenty of searing metal gain on tap.  Legit tube tone, reasonable price.
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