I have recently bought a line 6 firehawk and currently have it going into a 300 watt LG soundbar. I know next to nothing anout this kind of stuff but i have the firehawk on line mode going into a 1/4 to 1/8 converter thing from the phones socket, and from there an aux cable(stereo) into the soundbar. The cleans are distorted and i really dont know what to do or what the prblem is. Any suggestions or help is very much appreciated
I think the Firehawk is putting out a signal (line level) that is too strong for the aux input of the sound bar. Can you change the output level of the Firehawk to a lower signal strength (maybe instead of +4 Line Level to -10, or to instrument level, etc.)? Or just turn down the master output volume level of the Firehawk and bump up the soundbar's level?
It's because the headphone out is not line level, (its a higher output designed to move headphone diaphragms).

So yes as previously stated reducing the output volume may work however the ideal would be to come out of the two 1/4 inch line jack sockets. Or just the left (mono) socket if you're not worried about stereo.