I've decided to try and bring back the weekly psychotronics thread with a slightly different angle: less theatrics, less adherence to the definition, less restrictive, better albums, more metal. Still want cheesey sci-fi/fantasy themes, but they don't have to be bargain bin bullshit. Genre doesn't matter. The assumption is that I will do this every week unless someone else wants to "host" a certain week. I have several albums lined up so there's no requirement to sign up this time unless you want to.


Acid Storm, originally named EXTERMINATOR, is a Brazilian band founded in 1986. They apparently had a shit ton of lineup changes between their two sole full-length albums (this is the sophomore). Actually, legend has it that no one was in the band at the time of this album being written and recorded. It was just a sentient evil cybernetic computer chip in an underground lab whose thoughts were recorded in the form of prog/tech power-thrash. This album is cited as being much more ambitious than their debut. The music is more technical and nuanced, and the album is held together by a sci-fi concept. The concept is that 200 MILLION years ago, an 'artificial planet' flew towards our solar system, where inside a bunch of logical metal beings were turned into crazy beasts by a 'positronic nuclear technological disease' and so they wake up in our solar system to kill us, I'm assuming. I think I have that right. Most of the album is slightly odd-ball technical thrash, but later in the album some distinctive USPM vibes start to shine through. It isn't necessarily a ground-breaking album by any means, but it's an entertaining listen.

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