Went to GC earlier and found a used Ibanez rg350dx. Loved the look of the guitar and the feel was great. for 200 bucks I felt like buying it the only thing is that it has an Edge III trem which I've never really used before. I've played some lower end guitars with licensed FR trems that have been pretty bad and this isn't fr so I don't know if it's worth buying and even putting an OFR on it. Has anyone had any good expreinces with edge iii?
The Edge III is piss poor.

Probably the reason the previous owner was selling it.
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is Edge III trem any good?    

It's amazing for activating a food processor remotely. 
I have an EDGE III on my Xiphos it's not complete crap but I will be replacing it eventually. If your not going to be getting too crazy it will suffice, you can always grab a used Edge Pro or such from eBay and swap it out.
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