I wanna hear your thoughts on my new upgrade idea.

I have a "franken-strat" that I mess around with whenever I try something new with a guitar for the first time, and im I'm thinking about changing the pickups in it to an HSH setup, with the two humbuckers having coil taps, five way selector.

Just because I found a brand new one for dirt cheap at a garage sale, I also want to swap the bridge out to a floyd rose, after I take it to a luthier to get the cavity carved out correctly.

If it's cheap go for it. Otherwise I would just buy an ibanez.
If you need humbucker tone then it could be worth a shot.  If your singles are good and the humbuckers are low end don't expect better tone, just expect something that is different than you currently have.  If the humbuckers you got cheap are better than the singles in your guitar then you will probably find a reasonable improvement in tone.  It all depends...
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