Hey everybody,

I want to start covering songs to play in bars etc.

As of right now I have 3 songs and a few originals:

Song to the siren (Tim Buckley)
Space Oddity (David Bowie)
Creep (Radiohead)

Does anyone have some suggestions?

The best thing to so is go out and visit several bars and clubs that cater to the type of audience you want to play for. See what works for other players and what falls flat. I could list a lot of songs that work in places I play in but those same songs may not work in places where you live. You really have to get out and see who is doing what in your area and picking up on what worked and what didn't. Good luck.
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It depends on where you live and what kind of bar it is. Different genres are more prevalent in certain areas and different bars might be associated with different types of music. The music you play at an Irish pub or other ethnic bar (there are many different Hispanic, Portuguese, and Caribbean bars where I live) for example would be different than what you would play at some cowboy bar. Demographics, such as age, are also important. Some bars might be more popular with college students and other young adults. That age group probably does not want to hear the same songs as a 40-50 crowd.

You also will want to play songs that people know within the appropriate genre. People generally are more interested in hearing songs that they know when they see people perform at a bar. Pick well known songs by well known artists rather than deep cuts or pick those big one hit wonder songs that everyone knows. Playing original songs is probably not a good idea unless you are playing at a place that has a reputation for local artists doing mostly original music in which case you might want to keep the covers to a minimum or eliminate them altogether.

Like Rick said, check out local bars. It's important to study what the crowd there is like and what other people are playing. You might find that a particular bar doesn't really accommodate the music you play in which case find one that does. This is especially true when it comes to ethnic places, since pretty much nothing but traditional and/or contemporary music associated with that culture will be well received. Again, age demographics in particular are also inmportant. Know the audience and whet they want to hear. Also don't be afraid to ask the staff or regular patrons or performers what generally works and what doesn't.
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