I really need/want to replace the plastic nut on my Les Paul with something better. First I was thinking bone as that seems to be the 'standard' upgrade nut to use but after reading about some of the synthetic's that self lubricate like the graphite and others I tend to think one of those would be a better choice, so I was wondering what people on the forum here think?  On a related topic, those of you who have replaced a plastic nut with bone or one of the good synthetic nuts, does it make a noticeable difference in tone or does it mainly just make tuning easier and help everything stay in tune. 
A lot of people like the Tusq nuts. I wouldn't expect to hear a tonal difference unless you're listening for it.
I've replaced a few plastic nuts with Graph Tech ones and, while there was no noticeable improvement of tone, it did wonders for tuning stability.
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TUSQ is objectively the best material. Not only is it self-lubricating (teflon impregnated) but it's very hard. So it resonates more like the fretted notes, which is precisely what you want.

Bone nuts are good for replacements on vintage guitars as it's more period correct. But that's about it.
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As some one who has a Tusq XL and a bone nut, there is very little difference. They both do a superb job when it comes to tuning. When I switched out the corian nut on my V for a Tusq XL it made the guitar just a bit brighter and snappier.
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Best nut? A cashew. Pistachios come in second. 

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Bone is vintage, Tusq works really well. If I'm replacing a nut on anything recent, it's usually Tusq.
I have used bone, brass, and Tusq, I like the lubricity of the tusq nuts, but like the look of brass, and really want to try to make one from mokume-gane.
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The trouble with bone is that it can be inconsistent and once in a blue moon you get a bone nut that has a  spot that is less dense than the rest it can mess with your string balance and make individual strings sound dead compared to the others.  It's not a common problem but does happen from time to time.  When I make a nut I use bone simply because I can get the bone for free. If I get a bad piece I can junk it and start again with little worry.  Tusq, on the other hand, is super consistent and it sounds indistinguishable from a good bone nut.  On an LP I would recommend Tusq if you are buying something pre made. 
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I think how well it is cut is more important than bone vs. tusq.

given the option assuming both were cut well tusq would be better.
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I'll add to the considerable TUSQ is great parade. I really dig them.

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