Hi I have a fender HH blackout telecaster similar to this one in Atlantic Metallic Blue. 

It was made in Korea in 2004. I am not wild about the color and am thinking about painting it gloss black or satin black with EMG 81/60 combo. I got the guitar really cheep but dont care for the color. Would it be "wrong" to repaint a "unique" guitar? These are pretty inexpensive even if a bit rare. I highly doubt it would ever be considered collectable since these were made in Korea.
Looks like a cool axe. You would be ruining the resale value, but that's up to you if you care or not.

I would do satin, IMO
Very nice Tony! Any tips/guides for painting satin black?

This is kind of what I was thinking: Maybe EMG 57/66 with brushed chrome. Would really stand out against the blue or later if I painted it black.

You need to distress the original finish with steel wool or abrasive paper, which can then serve as the undercoat. I used automotive heat resistant self-catalysing poly in a rattle can, but it is still fairly soft and will show scuff marks and wear spots. - which is OK if you don't mind a relic. The individual coats of this kind of poly don't melt into each other as nitro would, but it doesn't really matter on a satin finish because you can't cut back and polish the final coat anyway. I'm strictly a one-off amateur at this, so some of the experts might have much better suggestions than mine. - Maybe black undercoats and a satin clear coat on top.