Hey everyone,

since I cant manage to find a singer for a hard rock duo, I came up with that plan: I grab my acoustic guitar, head into the city, and play awesome stuff to attract people willing to be my singer. 
Well, so much for the plan. I ended up playing just my usual flamenco-/classical-fingerpicking practices, since I couldnt think of ANY song that sounds entertaining with only an acoustic guitar while its still in the "Heavy"/"Hard" genre. Even those catchy riffs like "Killing in the Name of" and the like just sound pretty boring to non-guitarists. And seriously, i wont attract rock singers with playing classical gas

So, I am here to ask you guys for some help! Can you come up with any songs, that are obviously on the "heavy" side of music, powerful, fast paced, somewhat catchy, nothing toooooo experimental? And still sound like that when played on an acoustic guitar? 

On a sidenote: I really dislike metallica for some unknown reasons. I know, stuff like turn the page and enter sandman probably wouldnt sound too bad when played solo, but I cant bring myself to like those

Your help is really appreciated! 
A large part of what makes songs like that sound the way they do is the combination of multi-tracked distorted electric guitar and bass guitar. With just an acoustic, you won't get the same impact. Period. Also sitting on a city corner is a terrible way to pick up band members to be honest. You're better off looking at a local music store and maybe leaving a flier if they have a board for that or checking out local gigs. Way more effective than being a douchey loser on a street corner where nobody will care about you.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
 Udjine  Thanks for the recommendation, it still sounds somewhat like a "rock ballad", but maybe I can make an arrangement out of it that feels more fast paced.

theogonia777 Well, thanks for pointing out how life works. I really gave it some thought. I mean you took your time to respond and theres actually some content (recommending local gigs and music stores, those didnt work out though and they are very small in number in the area i live in). But actually you left an impression of just being cocky af. And you totally missed the point of my question. Also I couldnt care less about how much of a loser you think I am. Period.
I never said that I think you're a loser. I said that you would look like a loser trying to play rock guitar riffs on a street corner.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
You may dislike Metallica but what about Megadeth? They've done some acoustic versions of their songs.

Or if you have a couple of other loser friends who play guitar you can go do this version on a street corner somewhere