I saw this guitar mentioned in another thread here in the forums and for some reason I decided to take a look. Wow is all I can say, the reviews I see on it are stellar to say the least. I do have just a couple things I don't quite understand and I am hoping someone here owns one of these guitars and can answer a couple questions for me. The main one is the description they have for the frets being "high profile - medium width" ? What does that mean in terms of what I am used to seeing like medium, medium jumbo, jumbo, ect. It is almost like Fenders new frets that they call "narrow-tall" frets. If they can't use the standard designation then publish some numbers like they are xxx tall and xxx wide. (my pet peeve, ambiguity). I'd at least like to know how you like them as compared to any other guitar you have or had. The other little bit odd thing I noticed was the neck radius of 10", I have seen 9.5 and I have seen 12 but this is the only 10" I have seen, again how do you like that neck as compared to anything else you have played.  I really wonder why they picked 10, maybe someday they will interview someone involved in the design. I guess really you could say that about any guitar made by any company, why did they do that? Main thing though is the frets, the rest is not that big a deal. Now I need to start poking around and see if there is a dealer around here as I don't think I have ever seen a Musicman guitar in a shop I have been in.
musicman makes phenomenal guitars. I have played quite a few axis models and jp's and they are stellar IMO. I will have one one of these days,but I have a love affair with my Ibanez prestiges (five) and i don't see that ending any time soon.
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I have a Musicman Silhouette Special - it also has the 10 inch radius. The guitar has amazing playability - much more comfortable than my American Standard Strat. The Musicman necks are really fantastic - I would say it's their main selling point and they deserve the amazing reputation they have. I would suggest you try one out.

The frets are smallish - definitely not jumbo.
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