So for my praise and worship (P&W) setup I am currently running a Traynor YCV40 - 40 watt 2 channel 1x12. My setup involves the clean channel with my pedalboard and various guitars.

I recently was offered a trade of my amp for a mint HD500X. I have no practical experience with a POD and was wondering if anyone could comment on the POD for a P&W setup.  I am happy with my current setup, but the trade offer got me interested in maybe changing things up. The main things that interest me in the POD are 1 - the direct out to the soundboard as stage volume can be an issue - 2 - ease of setup having basically one piece instead of several. 3- possibly freeing up some cash for other gear if I thin my pedals a bit. Another upside is that it could work as a backup metal rig if need be.

Give me your thoughts on the HD or keeping with my current amp.

Also if you recommend the POD give me your thoughts on a powered speaker vs a power amp and speaker cab.
guitarsngearPersonally I would not. You can find POD HD500's used for much less than your amp is fetching from what I see. Under $300 for the POD. The HD500 is a solid unit, however. IIRC Lincoln Brewster uses them for his live applications. It is one of the best/if not the best modeling multi-effects in its price range, especially when you consider the used market. About the cab: I'd use the internal cabinet models with a powered speaker.
Tube amps will always sound better than modelers even if you have to deal with the size, weight, and maintenance.
I wouldn't do it either.
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Quote by 8Len8
Tube amps will always sound better than modelers even if you have to deal with the size, weight, and maintenance.

I think you have to listen awfully hard to catch the distinctions these days, and "better" is purely subjective, and always seems to depend on whether you're the owner of the tube amp in question <G>. 

The question of whether to own a modeler or a tube amp doesn't just include size, weight, maintenance and any one-trick-pony-ness. The overall rig changes. You'll almost certainly reduce the snarl of connector cables, power inputs and points of failure in your pedalboard. You'll be able to change two, three, four, etc., stomps *and* their parameters with a single stomp. And you won't rely on one guy's mike placement compared to another's (and you won't worry about it being kicked or otherwise changed during a performance). Your output, at least, will be the same each time. And if you want to sound like a completely different tube amp, you can. Sorta tough to do that with a real tube amp.

The question of whether to make the trade is up to your sense of the value of each of the pieces, both in objective money terms and in value to you. You might consider not only the amp to HD500 value, but also the number of pedals you might be able to sell off because you already have a representative choice inside the HD500.  I have two and a half flap-top bins of pedals accumulated over the years. Probably worth way more than the Axe-FX II that could replace them. I keep trying to convince myself that I really will dig in there and USE some of them again. Someday. Maybe. 
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i wouldn't, unless they add cash.

i abandoned tube amps/pedals in favour for amplitube + midi controller for all my P&W stuff.  The variety available, ability to make patches for song parts etc. instead of a tap dance was awesome.