I love melodeath, it was one of the first genres that I heard when I was getting into metal and I felt in love with it, I love how mst melodeath bands can create great atmospheres and do great riffs and since I play guitar I wanted to learn at leat one melodic death metal song.

Right now the only "easy" melodeath songs that I found were:

- "Colossus" by In Mourning: I love this song, the lead guitar is not very difficult and the rhythm guitar neither, I just have some problems with arpeggios.

- "Abeyance" by Be'lakor: The rhythm guitar is pretty easy, simple chord progression with great leads, which aren't that hard.

- "While We Sleep" by Insomnium: Not actually a very easy song, but the rhythm guitar has a simple chord progression, and the lead and extra guitars are easy except for the main riff, which I can't still play very well.

So, those are the songs that I know that aren't a shredfest with 200 arpeggios per second.

Any other song you may know? 
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