I've been using Guitar Pro for a while, but I'm having an annoying issue in all versions that I haven't managed to solve so far. I'd like to create multiple alternate endings of my riff. It's pretty easy to achieve if I have only the last repetition alternated. But what about if I need multiple endings of all repetition? Or for example I have a riff 4 times repeated and the 1st, 3rd ending is the same but the 2nd, 4th ending is different.

How can I do this? Is it possible at all?
Yes, you can. Here's something silly I just did in Guitar Pro 5, but it works.

You need to specify the number of repeats, add alternate endings 1 and 3 on the correct bar, add ending 2 to the next bar and also put a close repeat on there, and finally add ending 4. I found if you want endings 2 and 4 to be the same you can't put them together on the same bar otherwise it repeats too much, you have to write them separately.
NSpen1 Thank you for your method, it works! I've tried to put the 2nd, 4th. ending together but it ended up with playing the first half of the riff 5x and the rest 4x. I usually have long riffs in my songs and it's such an annoying thing to repat them over and over or just specify 2 endings and copy and modify them again.