Hey everybody. I was like hmm. I wonder if I could write something with a satriani sound mixed with my own sound.

Just for the hell of it. Anyways I did all the parts except the drums. I programmed those.

Thanks, for listening and I'll definitely check yours out.

I also apologize for posting the url like this, but the url button wouldn't let me paste?

I actually recorded this using the Boss ME-70 pedal straight into Audacity.

But when I'm playing out I use Peavey Cab, and Orange Head.
I think you're playing is great but there's something about the production, it sounds quite flat, but that's a matter of just practice, the drums sound a bit repetitive  but obviously isn't the focus of the track, The guitar lines are good, the solo is varied enough to keep the track interesting and the tone is quite nice.
you can check out my track here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1738216