Hello , i'm pretty new at electric guitar i only been playing for a few months using online tutorials hopefully some of you can help me with my questions.

for example with this tab: http://imgur.com/a/gWeFB

Where is this power chord sliding down to ? ... is it to the 4 fret of the 2th string ? if so what happen to the other notes ? (the 2 others 9)        
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It is not sliding down to anywhere in particular. Probably just a few frets and let the string vibrations fade. What does the original recording sound like?
Thanks for the super quick response ! ... hmmm here's the slide from the original track at 0:02 seconds.[url="(Invalid video video code)]
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Typically a slide without any numbers indicating where to stop, would just mean to infinitely slide until there is no more to slide or how the song sees fit. For this song it sounds like the slide starts with being slightly lower than the base notes, then extending slightly and goes back down. 
iceburst there is a destination in the next measure for one string

Cassandra_Kitty, for the D and G strings, it's indeterminate, because they're not played right afterwards. The A string is supposed to be played on the fourth fret in the next measure, so that's the destination of the slide on that finger; the other fingers follow toward the headstock, though it's not strict on where the fingers should land