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The Battle of the Boards contest is sponsored by n-Track, V-Picks and Pro Co Rat.

Each category winner will receive a digital copy of n-Track's flagship software n-Track Studio 8 EX

a Starter Kit sampler of picks from V-Picks

Grand prize "Best of All Boards" will be provided by Pro Co RAT

Due to shipping constraints, V-Picks and Grand prize will be available only to the Continental US. In case of first place winners being outside of the US, runners up will be chosen.


WTLT 2014 GG&A

Quote by andersondb7
alright "king of the guitar forum"

Quote by trashedlostfdup
nope i am "GOD of the guitar forum" i think that fits me better.

Quote by andersondb7
youre just being a jerk man.

****** NEW NEW NEW!
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