Would you mod your guitar with an Evertune bridge, which requires having the body cut to have it put in?

Would it be worth it?  
I've played guitars with the Evertune and it's nice. I wouldn't have a guitar routed to fit it however. It's a niche thing in my opinion and I think the people that can actually benefit from it are the people touring/playing live a lot, which are a minority of guitar players in the end.
I've never had tuning or intonation problems bad enough to need a product like that.
Considering that this is the extent of the work that needs to be done to the guitar to get one to fit? Hell no.

A guitar that's decently made, well set up and has decent components in it should stay in tune and intonate properly under normal usage anyway. Given the invasive nature of the modifications you'd have to make, the benefits are pretty disappointingly marginal ones. And obviously it'll ruin the guitar's resale value.
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Nope, not me.
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Absolutely not for me. I would buy a guitar with an Evertune, although I've never had enough tuning problems to feel like I needed it, but the expense and extensiveness of the modification far outweigh the utility.
No. The setup is touchy, and I'm not convinced that they've completely figured out the dead space issue when bending (system is trying to keep the guitar in tune, but you want it out of tune). 

The EC1000 pops up on sale every once in a while with a factory Evertune, in the $900 range. For that price I might be convinced to try one, it's only a bit more than the standard EC, but an aftermarket install where the parts alone are $300 is not going to happen for me. As others have noted, you can kiss the resale goodbye, and that's after spending what I have to assume is a few hundred dollars or a lot of your own time pulling a pound of wood out of a perfectly good guitar. 

I can see the appeal for studio guys who want every take precisely in tune with the last one, but even in that case the costs are steep. 
Like with Floyds, if you want one it's vastly more cost effective to get a guitar with one installed than to install one on an existing guitar. I think they're an incredibly neat piece of kit, though I don't think they look too great, and if it was, say, a £100 difference between a guitar I wanted without and the same model with an Evertune, I'd definitely consider it.
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No.  If I needed that feature I'd buy a guitar with it installed stock.  
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With a proper setup and regular maintenance all my guitars stay in tune pretty well anyway, the only things that really throw them out of tune are sudden temperature changes which predictably occur when transporting the guitar from one location to another, rather than at random intervals during active use.

It's very much a case of, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - especially not when "fixing" it is a very expensive and invasive endeavour.
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Might build one to except one, But I doubt I'd modify an existing one, I kinda like my guitars they way I bought or built them,  
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Would you mod your guitar with an Evertune bridge, which requires having the body cut to have it put in?

Would it be worth it?  

Absolutely not. 
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I wonder if it takes longer to change tunings with one of those than with a hardtail?

yes it takes forever. in that you really don't want to be doing that.
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