My newest song is "I Can't Jump".   I used one of the episodes from the tv show "Cheers", as the blue print for this one. 

First there's the shock 
Than There's pain Than there's the ping pong blame I shared my side She said I'm right Still I sleep alone at night And Every night is long without her And the reasons that she gone is just a blur 
I'm so bloody sad But I can't jump I've lost all I had But I can't jump Every thing gone wrong, yeah it's all bad I'm so bloody sad But I can't jump 
I lost my joy Lost my sun I lost her way of fun She filled my need She made my day She left me wishing shed stay And every day is dull without her And the reasons that she gone is just a blur 
Repeat chorus 
My whole world's been so much duller Since she's been gone my life been smaller I've been such a mess, but I can't jump
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