Hi everyone,

I play solo acoustic blues type stuff. I'm thinking of trying a hollow body electric to give it a little more grit, and just to change things up a bit. What kind of DI/preamp/pedal would I be able to carry around in my case so I can just rock up to an open mic night without an amp and get a reasonable sound plugging straight into the desk?

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated :-)

You could check out the Tech21 sans amp pedals (or the Joyo copies). Basically a small amp in a box that you can run straight into a PA. There are also larger amp modeller options but those are probably one of the smallest/cheapest.  
Take a look at these Quilter heads:


Matrix showing all Quilter guitar heads w/features

Small, versatile, and- following reverb66's insight- equipped with reverb.
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