Hey guys, I'm in need of a new laptop. My old laptop was an HP in which I used ableton on, it was fine, but has broken down as it's 5 or 6 years old. I have never had an apple computer so was thinking of getting one. I what to get more into recording, using addictive drums and other plug ins with whatever software I end up using with this new laptop (pro tools, ableton etc.).
Most things I look at are pointing me towards a macbook pro, but they are also a little pricey. I found a refurbished macbook air with pretty good specs on the apple website as well. I guess I'm curious as to whether the air can handle what I want to do, or is it smarter in the long run to get the pro. Just out of curiosity, which laptop should I get between these two:
This is the macbook air (slightly cheaper):
Here's the new macbook pro:
What's your budget and location and what equipment and software do you already have?
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Before deciding on going from to PC to Mac or the other way, make sure all the programs you want to use are available on the format you pick. You would think everything is available on both but that isn't always the case.  
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reincarnator My budget isn't super rigid, I think the most I'd spend would be 1500, but I'd prefer something closer to 1000 (the cheaper the better, I suppose). I have a saffire interface, midi keyboard, sm58 for instruments. I have addictive drums 2 and I friend who says he can get me pro tools (ableton is the only program I've used before, but am interested in learning pro tools or logic
I think both of these Apple PCs will work, I'll opt for the PRO personally. When you get into heavy midi and vst use you'd see some stuttering on slower computers but at this stage unlessy you're planning some huge arrangements, etc. both should be fine.

I am not sure you want to go Mac though, I think you can get twice the computer for the same price, I have friends that moved to gaming computers for recording and are quite happy by the bump in performance. You can also have an audio computer made by specialist manufacturers, like a rackmount desktop PC instead.

Personally, I'd go with a 17inch screen on a new recording PC, everything smaller gets on my nerves. I had to deal with Apple iBook for a few years on a 13 inch screen and that was super annoying.

The new Mac connections are really pesky as well - they're getting away with USB and other output ports, forcing you to buy these flimsy cables as an added cost and you have to always remember to take these to sessions, at least that's what my friends are complaining about. I've been away from Mac the last 8 years or so. Still miss the OS experience. Maybe if you go Mac get one of the Thunderbird interfaces, no need to suffer with USB if you do.

Check this one for example, it'll be a good buy for your needs:
thanks for the replies, i appreciate the help!  I'm not sure why I want a Mac, I know you can get better specs for cheaper with a PC, maybe its because I've never owned one before, but always enjoyed using the operating system.
I'm so indecisive about this, I've been without a computer for months but just can't decide what to commit to.
I also don't see the point of getting a Mac unless you're already deep into Mac exclusive DAWs, yes the OS is more stable but Microsoft has been focusing on the audio side of things so that Win10 has some improvements on that, and also much needed QoL features like multi-desktop etc. And you can more than make up for any advantages of a Mac by spending what you saved with PC on better audio equipment. But I've never owned a Mac, and I'm admittedly biased against them.
If you decide against Mac, gaming notebooks are actually a nice starting point to know about the state of CPUs and RAMs, find one in your budget, then try to find one with a cheaper GPU but better SSD&CPU&RAM, or simply look for office versions of those gaming laptops, which generally do away with GPUs and stuff like special gaming keyboards, so they are cheaper (MSI for example has such lines), and you're well set.
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I have had a PC since since the late 80's so I have continued to stay with the PC environment. Nothing against Mac's, I just never had one. On the other hand my company uses PC's so both my work computer and my company issued laptop are Windows based as well as my home desktop and personal laptops. Most of my friends (I think all) also have Windows based systems so that's where I will stay. When Cakewalk put out their first Midi software it was only available for DOS and later Windows. That was my initial reason for buying my first laptop and I still use an old version of Cakewalk (Windows) to write and edit Midi files. 

For better or worse most of the world uses Windows. I just looked it up, as of April 2016 Apple announced that they now were up to 7.4% of the worlds computer market. That means 92.6% of the market is not using Mac. Use whatever you are most comfortable using and is compatible with the software you want to use.  
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Apple has picked up a bit thanks to their other offerings and Apple lemmings being ridiculously locked into their side of things. I have quite a few friends that when I tried to get on Apple in the mid 2005s laughed that it is a stupid and weird OS and lately they're trying to get me on a Mac because they bought the iPhone coolaid and eventually converted...funny how things run into circles sometimes.

I am not biased against or for either, just that in 2005 when I went on a Mac they were about 20% more expensive than PCs and the stability was worthwhile, especially for recording. Nowadays they're about 100% more expensive and they continuously cut features (no DVD-RW drive, less USB ports, need to buy combi plugs for Lighting, no OS reinstall software, etc...) and increase costs, so looks like my next purchase will probably be Windows based again.