Hello all, I'm brand new to the forum, as well as brand new to the head/cab scene of guitar amps. Every amp I've ever owned has been a combo amp, and I want to venture into the world of heads and cabs. I'm only looking for a 2x12 cab (not a lot of room) and a 6505+ has been my dream head for a long time. According to the research I've done, the two would pair perfectly, but I just want to make sure with people who know better than I do that I won't be frying everything when I try to run them together. 

For reference:
Engl PRO E212VHB 2x12

Peavey 6505+

Many thanks in advance!
Those will work fine together, also look at buying used, you can save a good chunk of cash if you do.
Is that cab coated in Gold?  $899? For a 2x12?  I'm a fan of Engl but damn. . . 

Check out this cab - https://mesahollywood.com/products/2x12-compact-rectifier-cabinet

It's small and sounds really tight - almost the exact same speakers as the Engl - Mesa's V30 are slightly custom and made in the UK.  .  
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Agreed, it'll work, but you might want to look on the used for a cab.
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I found that straight up V30's in a 212 cab matched with a 6505+ can get a bit too bright and shrill IMHO.  And this is coming from someone who REALLY likes a bright tone.  

I have two 212 cabs that came stock with V30's.  Both of which I swapped out one speaker.  I have a Sheffield XXX in one (My favorite mix) and a G12H-75 creamback in the other (also sounds amazing).  These are used with either a 6505+ head or XXX.  Swapped back and forth as I see fit.  As much as I prefer the Sheffield XXX / V30 cab overall, sometimes the other cab just sounds better for certain songs/styles.

*And $900 for a cab is ridiculous.  Looks used either way. 
I wouldn't pay that much for a 2x12 cab.  Used Mesa cabs can be had for less.  Used Orange PPC212 also can be had for less.  Even cheaper, Avatar contemporary or vintage designed cabs.  I have an Avatar Traditional (Fender style) that was loaded with 2 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, picked it up for $200.00 off of c-list.  You can find nice quality cabs on the used market if you're patient and do a bit of digging.  

Used market is your friend.  

Same goes for the 6505+ head.  You can find them used for significantly less.  

Heck, you could probably snag up a used 5150 212 combo for $500 bucks on your local craigslist if you do a bit of hunting.  You would likely need to upgrade the stock speakers (WGS Veteran 30 speakers work really well with the 6505/5150 amps imho) and put a fresh set of tubes in it... and you'd still come in less than the cost of a new 6505+ head alone.  
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Quote by ThunderPunk

Heck, you could probably snag up a used 5150 212 combo for $500 bucks on your local craigslist if you do a bit of hunting.  

I dont suggest this unless you possess the power of Grayskull. 5150/6505 212 combos are built like a brick sh*thouse and lined with dwaven lead.