Hi everyone,

Recently i purchased Bias Fx and most of the time i use it with my audio interface's headphone output.
What im trying to do is, make the guitar be heard through a bluetooth speaker that is connected to the PC.
While i did manage to do this, the latency is too high to make it playable.
If anyone knows how it can be done, i'd appreciate the help.

Signal chain:

Guitar -> Focusrite 2i2 -> Reaper (Bias FX plug in) -> bluetooth speaker (UE megaboom)

Someone smarter than me might come along to correct me but bluetooth technology does give a small amount of lag... Not too bad for playback and mouse and keyboard but definitly annoying while monitoring.  I don't believe you'll be able to fix it.  

Your device doesn't have an AUX in?

EDIT: Do you get the same latency if you plug into regular wired speakers or headphones?
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thanks for the reply.
i do not get any noticeable lag with anything i plug directly into the AI. but anything that goes through the computer does get laggy (for example headphones plugged into the motherboard, wired speakers that go through the front panel, the bluetooth speaker etc).

the speaker does have an aux input and i believe using a cable will work fine, though right now i dont have a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter. 
hence why i asked about the bluetooth option.
 Again, someone smarter than me might come with a better answer but I believe that you are always better off plugging speakers, headphones etc through your interface.  Even if you reduced your bluetooth latency (which I believe is not possible) you'll still get a bit because you're sending the signal back to the internal soundcard. 

Let us know if you find a solution elsewhere!
Unfortunately, there's no way around the latency with bluetooth.
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Hm I've been thinking about getting a bluetooth too, to reduce cable clutter, so it's interesting to see how much bluetooth lag will have an effect. I'm understanding that wired stuff also have high latency when in PC's output, I don't think that should happen with any PC aged less than 10 years or so. You may try to lower ASIO buffer size, that should help with latency a bit -if you haven't installed ASIO already, well there lies your problem. It's not likely but you can update your sound card drivers too, just to be safe.
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