I've got a blackstar artist 15 that sound good but the v series speaker it comes stocked with isn't great.  I like the bright tone from the old gibson tweed and blackface fender amps so I want to put a speaker in it that has a brighter more open tone.  My favorite amp is my little princeton that uses a Jensen C10Q so I was hoping to find something with similar tonal character but unfortunately Jensen's 12" version of that speaker doesn't have highs sparkle like the 10" so I've got to find something else.  I've been considering a P12Q or P12N however the Jensen alnico speakers get a bit buzzy when they start to break up.  I might still go with a Jensen p12 of some sort but was hoping for something that is a bit smoother when the amp breaks up so I'm looking for recommendations for a speaker that is bright, open, and smooth.  I'm going to be playing mostly smoky jazz, soul, and blues like you would expect to hear backing the like of Julie London, Ray Charles, or Ella Fitzgerald but will also want to use it for bluesy rock (SRV style) and old school country (Les Paul style).   I'm using a variety of guitars including strats, LP's, Telecasters, RG's and Acoustic archtops.  I have a maximum budget of £160 and it has to be something that is available in the UK so Weber and Kendrick speakers are not really an option.

So what speaker would the lovely folks on UG recommend I look into? 
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Just wanted to give an update in case anybody is interested.  I contacted Jensen who recommended a couple speakers including the P12Q which is one I was considering anyway so I went ahead and got it.  It barely fit's in the amp and the bell housing actually touches the chassis.  If the speaker were 1mm deeper I wouldn't have been able to use it so it's a good thing I didn't get the C12N.  The speaker sounds amazing with the amp.  When I set the amp to the american setting it sounds like a Gibson amps from the 50's and when set to British setting it sounds like a cross between a tweed fender and a vox.  Unfortunately the low end is a bit raspy under distortion so it sounds aggressive rather than mellow which is good for rock and blues but I have to dial the bass way back for smooth overdriven Jazz.  So it isn't exactly what I wanted but it's pretty damn close.  I am still keeping an eye out for something that has a smoother overdriven sound so if anybody does have any ideas I'd still like to hear them.
Not taking any online orders.