Hi, any thoughts for a guitar for life? 

I am getting sort of accomplished on an electric guitar and looking for a different sound and experience to go with the lectric. Venturing into acoustic land, I tried a bunch of acoustic guitars yesterday, real wood ones, one for life! Tried a Taylor 4-14 which didnt fit, apparently it is the ultimate Grand Auditorium and I'm obviously too fat according to the shop guy twat. Seriously.

Anyway, went to a better store and tried a lot of beautiful guitars. First one was  an Auden Chester, a GA too, and it fitted my pot belly perfect ly and I felt a big smile playing it, absolutely gorgeous sounds. Tried a couple of Furch, a full body and a cutaway. The cutaway is a G25 - CR. Ditto the G25 CR felt more than great, smiling like a cat, and man, what a sound, and I'm not one for bling, but the detailing is just yah! Then asked for the priciest guitar in the store, and gave me a £2500 Brook. It was a big old jumbo, but wow, made me tingle and I effortlessly played one particular chord I like straight away, one that I had to try harder with the others, the fretboard must have been more like my SG than the other two "tiddlers". I would have bought it there and then but its out my price range till I win something.

So the £1879 Furch or the £1300 Auden Chester. £600 difference is a lot, but not over 30 years! Or a  guitar £600 cheaper that is also a sensational sound but not quite as hand made. (Apparently the timbers are imported pre-cut to keep costs down but then crafted like the Furch, minus the detailing.) I know instruments are down to the player, but does anyone have any long term experience of these two?