Is it dying out? Is the content watered down? I was born in 1987, grew up in the 90s and early 2000s. Rap is my go to music when I am pissed off. I got to see Tupac, Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, 50 cent, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and all that. Who the fuck do we have these days? Drake? Lil Wayne? Now we have Classic Rock, the music you old farts still listen to, but it seems Rap is in the same company, dying out just like Rock did. Are we seriously going to be left with pop music?
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Rap used to be better

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the GOAT is living and making music right now
just released an album on the 14th actually

He's definitely the best in the game right now 
My God, it's full of stars!

hip hop sure is dead

I swear we have 'rap is dead' threads more often than we have 'rock is dead' threads.

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Definitely not. Rap is probably bigger than it has been since like, the early 2000s right now. And there's loads of good stuff out there
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Hip hop and rap are actually some of the most accepted and widely appreciated genres today. There is a huge underground scene blowing up on SoundCloud right now, just look at artists like 21 savage and XXXTentacion. 2 years ago i was the only person on my friends circle to familiar with him, and now his music is on the radio.

There is a definite creative spike in rap, like the mixture of dark elements, screaming, metal samples, gothic lyrics, etc that's pretty popular now in the underground scene (suicide boys, bones, omenxiii, ghostmane, night Lovell, etc). Though these artists will never hit the major outlets, they're still leaving a big impact on what makes modern, expiremental music, pushing the boundaries.

I appreciate a lot of the bigger artists as well, meek mill, j.cole, Kendrick Lamar, chance the rapper, etc. they put out quality albums and they have a growing fanbase. The time for all electronic, rap, hip hop music is NOW
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the GOAT is living and making music right now
just released an album on the 14th actually

Joey Bada$$ released it on the 7th though