Ok, so I've been a guitarist who plays most rock and metal, but now I'm wanting to play some Earth, Wind and Fire, and just like the title says, what type of tone do I need? I'm using Jamup and need some help.
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A clean amp sim is the start, next key is a single-coil guitar, preferably a S-style but you can get reasonable results with a T-style. Maybe a Roland JC-120 amp sim, next up would be a Fender Twin or something similar. Add a dash of reverb, and you're done.
An autowah set at some of the lower settings might also help.
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agree on the clean amp but it looks to me like they tended to use humbuckers more than single coils. pix i saw showed an ES - 335 and a few other guitars with humbuckers. a wah for the 70s stuff for sure. 
Try cycling through the various clean amps - Fenders, Vox, Roland etc. You want a tight sound, not fat. You may get lucky and find a good one.  With amp sims it's hit and miss as to what will actually work, irregardless of the amp names. Single coils are the way to go for funk generally, but you can still rip with humbuckers. 

You can also get pretty far just cranking a clean DI signal with a good compressor plugin ( squash the signal) - some of those old funk albums were recorded DI into the board - it gives a more percussive sound.
I love EWF and have seen them three times in the past five years (two times with Chicago) they are a great band. Top of the heap musicians. The above advice is good. Their guitar sound is clean, clean clean. A little light chorus on some stuff on rhythm. Some heavy compression on leads for clean sustain. 
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