Just bought a set of strings(7 string guitar), went up to a slightly thicker gauge. old strings were 10-54 , went up to 10-60, the strings sit in the nut fine. But they don't seem to intonate. Well the E and A sound off when played together., the low b is fine.

Maybe the strings are too thick for the nut? I don't think it's the problem but it's possible. or maybe an old set of strings?

The strings I bought weren't sealed, just in little paper sleeves. I intonated the low E and A but even though they're intotanted when I play them together it sounds flat. I think it's from the A string.

Possible bad string?
I guess a bad string is possible but:

1. Did you reset the neck relief, or at least measure it?
2. Did the action change by putting on the new guage of strings? At the first fret? At the 12th? At the 21st?
3. What tuner did you use to set intonation?
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