A new UG Contest is approaching and this week's sponsor is Seymour Duncan!

Here are the awesome prizes that they prepared for you:

The Grand Prize

PowerStage 170 + Palladium Gain Stage pedal

The 2nd Prize

Palladium Gain Stage pedal + Signed Jeff Loomis Blackouts 6-string set

The 3rd Prize

Palladium Gain Stage pedal

The 4th Prize

Signed Jeff Loomis Blackouts 6-string set

The contest is over and the winners are:

2.  selkayann 
3.  kohinaa 
4.  yooksi 
Maybe if I wasn't lazy on doing more tabs I could do this.
Marcos Hernandez (Solo)

Mayones Regius 8 MM
Mayones Duvell Elite 7
Blackmachine B7 (Custom)
Halo Merus 8 (Custom)
Halo Merus 7 (Custom)
Ibanez LACS RGD7 (29" Scale)
Ibanez RGDIX7MPB (Refinished)

Logic Pro X
Focusrite 6i6
Question regarding the contest:
One of my chord charts from requests (with bonzana and strumming pattern) was just approved, but instead of earning 41 IQ points, I only earned 5. Anyone knows why or how it can be fixed?

Here's the tab.
Niass This is my first time participating in a UG contest, and I believe I won fourth place but am not sure because I've received no notification whatsoever (email or on the website) about this. I'm sorry about the silly questions and I don't know where to ask this, but how are we notified of placing in the top 4 in a contest, how does UG inquire on the residence info for prize deliveries, and are they shipped oversees?
yooksi We'll announce winners today or tomorrow, as soon as our guitarists check the winners, just to make sure no one cheated
You'll find the announcement here and in the UG News section of the website.