Hi everyone- I have not posted here in a while, I do apologise if I may have asked a similar question in the past, I have memory problems due to previous illness so I do not know if I have asked this or not. 

I am currently using a Backstar HT5-M, which I really like. When I bought it, I also got a Zoom G5 multiFX as I was unsure which pedals to buy, so thought a MultiFX would be a good choice to start with. 

However, when I use the Zoom G5, I notice it really colours the sound, even with all effects off you can tell a vast difference in sound. Because of this, I am wondering if I am possibly using the pedal incorrectly? 

I really just want to be able to link a few effects together, such as Chorus, Reverb, Wah etc, and turn these on and off when I want to use them, and hear the natural sound of the amp when they are switched off. Did I make a mistake with a MultiFX unit, and misunderstand what they were for, or am I missing something  and leaving it on which is making a big difference to my sound? 

I do apologise for the newbie type question, and thank you all that can help me. 
I used to have a zoom G3, and you had to setup the output level on that one so that the signal was at the same level as it was, when the pedal was not in the chain. iirc it was somewhere in the global settings, but i could be wrong. The best thing to do would be to read the manual. 
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I have a G3 & it's been spot on right out of the box with no output level trickery.

Have you checked there isn't an amp sim left on or something that you haven't noticed?
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