I would like feedback on all aspects of the track such as production, playing and singing.
and I will review your track if you leave a link in the thread.
Hello there.

This is a well put together piece. I should come out and say straight off that it is not really my native style, so my comments maybe a bit off for the genre, but it's what I think when I hear it.

The acoustic guitars sound really good. In fact the overall mix and production sound really good. The drums work well and sound right (when I try to sequence stuff I struggle to get the dynamics right for quiet parts - I just end up with a volume high velocity hit if that makes sense). The solo sounds cool. I like the way you ended it with that kind of digital distortion coming in. 

The only thing I think lets it down (for me) is the vocal. To me the melody line sounds off key. I know this maybe a stylistic choice so if it is then ignore my comment. The actual style and sound of the voice isnt bad and it's mixed well. Its just the melody line that doesnt fit right for me.

Anyway, good work I say.

If you fancy checking out my track it's here - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1738216

Is that a 12 string at the start?  Sounds nice and dark?  Maybe a tiny bit of percussions would help the listener settle into the groove before the drums kick in?

the transition to drums is a bit odd though.  Seems to be the style of the song so I'm not sure if changing it would be a good idea. 

Love the sound of the wah wah electric guitar, kicks in at just the right place. 

The solo is cool and the drumming at that moment really kicks it up a notch.  It really adds to the slow build up.

Overall a great song, my favorite part is the build up

The voice is left deliberatly raw, right?  It's cool if that's what you want but I learned (the hard way) that the vast majority of people want nice polished vocals, even on raw tracks like this.  I really mean no disrespect but the singer makes or breaks the band

Thank you for the review! Now your song: intro is pretty mellow and nice (reminds me of Pink Floyd). Vocals sound pitchy, but the effects (lots of chorus or flanger or phaser can make things sound off key) might be contributing to that impression. People probably get sick of me talking about Melodyne (I haven't done that in awhile), though one advantage is you can see the notes of your vocals, and you can verify if you are singing in the same key as your guitar playing. Then assuming you're not way off key, you can move vocal notes around (and experiment) so it matches the key of the instrumental & it usually sounds OK. First wah lead guitar sounds very good (reminds me of David Gilmoure). Most of the second wah lead guitar sounds good, though I thought I heard one note off key. There are times I've pitch shifted a few lead guitar notes around in Melodyne if you have delay & reverb effects as separate add on effects and not recorded with the guitar track.
It has a mood, right away the acoustics set it up and it's a nice slow build to the verse. I feel the vocals are a bit off, I know all too well the struggles, and I was sort of taken back by their entry. However they fit the mood of the track, I like all the elements that come into the track and the overall mix. The guitar pick-up is good, not what I expected from this track in a good way. It's a solid slow melodic passage which fits with the tone. I quite like the ending bit, that was cool! I'd say it's interesting, the vocals didn't really go anywhere you know but for what you tried here, this slow burn mood it worked and especially with the ending. Cool track overall, but I would say the vocals could use some work.