I know this seems like a question I should know but bare with me. I write and use a mouse with my left hand but I do everything else with my right. Running my left hand along the neck of the guitar feels very natural but I seem awful at switching chords, and have almost no use with my pinky finger, cramps up and feels very uncomfortable. Also i'm awful at picking strings and strumming with my right hand.

If I flip my guitar over I immediately notice how much better i am at picking/strumming with my left hand, however using the fretboard with my right hand feels very weird and unnatural yet my pinky doesn't cramp up - i'm generally way way slower doing it left handed.

Should I carry on using a right handed guitar or sell up this early on and buy a lefty? 
How long have you been playing?  If you're just starting out, then obviously some things will be very tough and awkward, regardless of whether you're playing right or left.  It really just depends on how each one feels to you.  If having your left hand on the neck feels more natural, then stick with that.  All the issues that you listed can be improved with practice.  
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In your case I think it is simply a question of practice. I just did a quick google search on handedness and string instruments, and the latest view seems to be that whichever you start with will work. I'm not sure I agree with that for strong-handed (either left or right) and guitars, but you seem to be slightly mixed-handed, so I would stick with right-handed, as right-handed guitars are a lot more common.
Only a few weeks.

Thanks, I will stick with right handed and try and work on my technique, these things take time I guess.

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I'm the same as you, The only things i do with my left hand is writing and holding mouse (or similar things). Holding the guitar neck with my left hand always felt natural for me so i started playing the guitar right-handedly not even knowing there was a difference if you were left handed or right handed so i continued playing it in the "right-handed mode" :p. I also have a friend that can play the guitar both left and right handedly, so it all comes down to how much u practise. Maybe its better if you start off playing like ure right - handed. The guitars are easier to find, you can play your friends guitar and he can play yours, and guitar lessons (on youtube) are easier to figure out, Cheers :P.  
I'm a lefty playing righty. I still think i spend more of my playing time working on my fretting hand (dominant for me). 

I've learned to play left handed too after i broke my left hand once. I found playing the instrument not as compelling when i was doing the bends and vibrato with my non dominant hand and less enjoyable for me so i stuck with what i knew after i fully recovered.

Just be aware learning is a long and difficult experience. You'll find many people who learnt to play the other way start to get self doubt and blame their bad playing on it, i did too at one point around 9 years ago. I'm glad i stuck it out. A normal right handed player who struggles with something will blame lack of practice or technique so you should try to do the same.
I thought this was an informative article on handedness and guitars:


Another insight I read is that the dominant hand may be more autonomous than the weak one, and we spend more time looking at our fretting hand and letting the picking hand do its own thing.