Howsit Oaks... So like I started playing guitar about 5 years ago, at first I used to practice daily. I joined a band in high school, and then some shit happened in my life so I stopped playing, not completely just rarely. out of 100 (100 being Jeff Lumis (I know he's not the best) and 1 being someone who just started playing, I would rate my playing about a 20. ( I cant sweep for ssshhhhiiiiittt)  

So My Question is; Where should I start learning to play metal guitar? How should I go about it? (what scales to learn, if I should attempt to learn notation and any other advice.)

Learning songs is hard on my part because I only can get into playing songs I listen to, and for the most part a lot of the stuff I listen to is too advanced for my skill level.

I really want to play rhythm guitar kinda deathmetal/deathcore...  

I have written songs in the past year with my limited skill but I want to learn more. The songs I have learnt previously are really rusty and half assed.

I thought I'd mention I love the Black Dahlia Murder, and my goal is to be able to play one of their songs before the end of the year.

Thanks for reading! 
just start writing some kickass riffs and ROCK ON bro HEAVY METAL!
what you need a new amp
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