Between the guitar, effects loop, power cable and amp channel switcher I have 5 cables between my pedal board and amp, as I'm sure a lot of you do as well. For years I've just zip tied them together to keep them organized but I'm looking for a tidier option. Any recommendations of snake cables or cable sleeves that you like?

Edie. Thinking of something like this. http://www.pedalpython.com/
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Cables running across the stage like that are really vulnerable, so I'd probably NOT sacrifice an expensive snake. There's some spiral cable sleeving out there that would probably work, and there are the hard rubber "ramp" things that allow you to wheel heavy objects over the cable without damaging it. 

I've just been lent a Helix Rack and a Helix foot pedal. This is a very cool setup because the Helix rack has amp switchers and four FX loops in the backline (along with the power cable). The cable from the rack to the foot pedal is essentially a "hardened" ethernet cable, as is the cable from the  (Variax) guitar to the rack. That eliminates expensive guitar cables running back and forth and eliminates the power cable running to the front of stage, where beer, blood and barf are going to be assaulting it. 
I duct tape mine together. Has worked fine for 30 years.
I'm along the same boat, zip tied has worked best. I've tried HOSA snakes before but these go intermittent and are more pain than the cables zip tied together.

This is the one I had:
I used one of these:

It worked, but to be honest, it was kinda a pain in the ass to get it on, and you had to be super careful about cable twisting. But it worked fine, and it was still miles above just letting the cables lie there. 
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I used one of these:

It worked, but to be honest, it was kinda a pain in the ass to get it on, and you had to be super careful about cable twisting. But it worked fine, and it was still miles above just letting the cables lie there. 

This was actually the stuff I was trying to think of. My issue with any of this is that if something does go wrong with one of the cables, it's a pain in the butt to swap one cable out. 
I use wire loom and zip ties that I bought from the home improvement store (Home Depot).  It's far cheaper than the specialty stuff they sell for guitar cables and is just as good IMO.  It comes in several different diameters so they should have something that works for your needs.

Wire Loom

Zip Ties 
If you want to be more gentle you can get the velcro cable ties, these also work for pedals, that's how I actually fasten them to my pedalboard which has that fuzzy carpet thing which locks velcro:
Thanks for the opinions guys. I don't think the spiral wrap will work for me, but the wire loom or the Techflex look like solid options. 
One of those rubber cable 'ramps' used to hide cables under is the best thing to use if there's no way to avoid running cables across walkways. You simply lay the ramp over the cables and secure it to the stage with duct tape. I've been a useful pair of hands with setting up theatre productions many times and those ramps are easily the best thing to use. They protect the cables better than any other method and it's easy to replace a cable if it gets damaged.
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Thinking of something like this. http://www.pedalpython.com/

I was in the same boat and I used some velcro-binders to keep the cables together, but then you're still left with gaps wheren the cables aren't neatly tied together. I have 5 cables running back and forth as well and I actually own one of those Pedal Pythons. It's one the most convenient purchases I have ever made with regards to my guitar playing. It's quite difficult to get one and takes some time, but now I never have to worry about multiple cables getting tied or messed up again. Definitely would suggest one. The only thing you'll need to make sure is that people don't step on the cable; I have 100 euros worth of cable in the pedal python and stepping on it could of course cause damage, since they're all grouped together.

(And whatever you do, don't duct-tape your cables!! The tape is messy and would be a pain to get off if you ever need to replace a cable or something like that.)
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