The Floyd Rose website now has speed loader strings available for 24.75" scale guitars.  According to the website, they are still working on strings for 25.5" scale guitars.  So far the new manufacture hasn't passed Floyd's inspections of spec requirements.  I recently acquired a Floyd Rose Designer Series 3 as part of a multiple guitar transaction.  It was basically given away.  I've only run my hand along the neck and stings once.  It truly was in perfect tune.  I've never touched anything like it.  I'm dying to find out what it sounds like.  I'm in awe of this guitar.  Unfortunately it's only in mint condition as long as I don't break a string.  So I haven't plugged it in and played it yet.  After I acquired it I started to research, and found out about the speed loader system.  Thankfully I didn't play it first.  I read that all designer series models were 25.5" scale.  Still I used the tip provided in a different thread and measured from where the nut meets the first fret to the middle of the 12th fret x2 to determine the scale of the guitar, and I got a measurement of 12 and 3/8's inches, which would suggest a 24.75" scale.  The bridge is a genuine Floyd Rose floating vibrato bridge.  If I try to mount 24.75" strings to the guitar, will they just not fit if the wrong size, or could I damage the guitar trying?  Quick side note, about measuring to the bridge.  When I measured from the nut to where the strings meet the bridge, I got a measurement over 26 inches, which doesn't fit to any scaling I've read about and is probably useless information, but maybe someone knows better.  Thanks for any tips.     
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Hi, have you find where to buy the  25.5" scale strings? Is Floyd Rose company still working on making the strings?