Guitarist (most styles of rock - lead/rhythym) looking for people to make music with. (VA Norfolk, VA Beach area)

Hey guys,

I'm currently deployed and won't be back for a few months. Was wondering if anyone within an hour or so of the areas in the title wanted to get together and play some rock when I return. I'm into bands like Incubus, Pearl Jam, QoTSA, Foo fighters and so on, as well as heavier stuff like lamb of god, AILD, slayer, pantera. I'm not looking for a serious band to play shows with, but I wouldn't be opposed to doing live stuff (which i've done a little in the past). I'm cool with doing covers or writing originals, although my writing skills are a bit rough. I'm posting this ad so far out with the intention of working things out before I return, such as learning songs the group may already know so it'll be a nice transition when I return.

Any questions, please let me know.

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