Poll: Do you get up early or late at the weekend?
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12 36%
21 64%
Voters: 33.
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Do you get up early or late at the weekend?

I used to enjoy my lie in but now I hate laying in. I wanna get up early and enjoy all my free time instead of spending it in bed.

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I get up whenever I want everyday but sunday
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A bit more of a lie-in than on weekdays, but these days I'm a bit more regular with my sleeping routine, so only maybe like...9am as opposed to 8am. Even I don't have anything at all to do the next day, I'll rarely go to bed any later than like...12:30ish. 

Back in my yoof I'd typically sleep in past noon on weekends as I was usually out late on Friday and Saturday drinking, but I don't really enjoy that so much any more. The older you get, the less worth it the hangover becomes. 
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As much as I'd love to sleep in I have to work most weekends and even when I do have the time, I'm such a light sleeper that most things will be able to stir me out of my sleep.
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I get up during the same time period whatever the day of the week, so late-ish, I guess. Any time before 9:30 can fuck off and die.  
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I get up late every day. Today is some weird exception. Although I might roll back over and snooze for another hour or so.
I like getting up earlier than usual because more weekend to enjoy, but it doesn't always happen and that's ok too.
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It usually gets up around 11:30 and sticks about til noon, sometimes longer.
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I'm up all weekend if you know what i mean 

But sire when do you have time to sleep
i wake up early everyday, naturally

the latest i'll sleep in is around 10 am, but that's if I was up all night.
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I get up around seven, get outta bed around nine
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I get up during the same time period whatever the day of the week, so late-ish, I guess. Any time before 9:30 can fuck off and die.  

i'm like this but anything before 8 what is there even to do at that time 
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i'm like this but anything before 8 what is there even to do at that time 

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I usually wake up between 9.30 and 11. If I've had a particularly heavy night on a Friday or Saturday, I sometimes sleep in until later. Of course, it varies depending on what I'm doing - I'm going out for a few drinks tonight but have stuff to do during the day tomorrow, so I would aim to wake up earlier. 


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I like to get up late on the weekends. Also, I would like to proudly point out that after I voted, the getting up late option reached 69%.
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I used to be outta bed by 7 am, now I get up an hour or two later
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My wife thinks 11am is late - so I voted late.  Though I usually want to get up even later.  I'm a night owl - still!
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Always get up early, need to make use of the time off. I like the morning anyways, and you can always take a nap if you were out late the night before.

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dogs don't care what day of the week it is when it's time to get up they wake us up. i work nights so i do sleep in sorta 
I don't set the alarm on weekends. Most of the time I still wake up close to the same time. 
I work evening shifts so 10 am is normal for me, weekends inc. My problem on weekends is wakinbakin and not moving off the couch. 
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Wow you guys get up so early. I usually get up at 2pm or 3pm lol
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I'm second shift. The earliest I want to get up is about 2PM. If I feel the need, I will sleep till 5PM. It's the best of both worlds. 1st shift is too damn busy, 3rd shift is too wacky and it's hard to keep doctor appointments, etc. Plus you never see the sunshine. 2nd shift is right in the middle, wake up right as rush hour traffic is dying out, stay up all night and do your shopping while there is nobody there to bother you. 
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I'm up and out the door getting coffee around 6. There's something about the city being empty early in the morning I dig.
Given the choice I'd rather die than get up early any day of the week
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I work nights and usually get into bed around 3 on weekends, but I have morning classes throughout the week, so I try to get up by 8 or 9 so my sleep schedule doesn't get too fucked
maybe 4pm ish, usually later
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