Hi guys, i own a peavey cirrus bxp, i want to buy a new bass in the end Of this year. My budget is between 700-1000€, i play in a groove metal, a hard rock, prog metal, and i'll start a bossa nova band with a friend. Im looking for a bass that can do it all. Any tips on what should i get?
A couple of ideas: active P, Stingray HH, EBMM Sterling, L-2000.
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Take a look at the Ibanez SR755:

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THe battishness of Fender ish necks has me turned off on MM's and Fenders over all.  But a nice Fender Jazz is a difference animal.  A Geccy Signature V or something like that is what most bands expect the Bassist to play, so it opens doors and is excellent for the Bossa Nova genre.

Otherwise, keep your money and get a used Ibanez BTB 400, 405, 450, or 455 or spend the whole 1000 and get one of each!  In early century I sold a Warrior to Hong Kong and got new 405, 455 and 465 with cases! Never regretted it.
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I really like my Godin Freeway 5, inexpensive, thin neck, great sound, but this dudes budget allows for damn near most things save custom jobs. Worlds your oyster.
Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I forgot to tell you im not into p bass. Anyway i've been thinking and i would like to try some Ibanez, Warwick and stingray. But still, i'll only buy one in the end Of the year só there's still a lot Of thinking to do.