I've been considering buying a cheap 12-string acoustic guitar. I have absolutely no experience in buying one though, and that's what I need help with. Preferably, I'd like under 450$, if that's possible. Thanks in advance!
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awesomehuggles321  Oddly, I've heard nice things about the Epiphone DR-212. It's an acoustic only 12, with all laminated construction. I think it goes for about 2 bills. Perhaps it's worth a try to get you the experience to decide if a twelve is for you.

Moving on, probably the most popular introductory 12 string is the Taylor 150ce. Unfortunately, it's quite a bit above your budget @$750.00. I have one, and it's excellent.

Another possibility is the Seagull S-12. It's also above your budget @ maybe $600.00.

I also have a Crafter D-8-12 which cost about $500.00. In spite of Crafter's fine reputation in general, doesn't compare with my Taylor.

Since 12 strings are only bought occasionally, (and sort of out of style ATM), I don't have enough feedback, (or experience), with other models in you price range to make another recommendation.
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That Washburn looks really good for the price.  Usual practice with 12's is to tune to D standard and use a capo 2nd fret for E standard.