So I bought a guitar with a Floyd rose and it currently has no strings in it. The trem is bent all the way back into the guitar and I'm not sure how to fix this, because it has no strings in it currently. I've read something about resetting the sprgs through the back of the guitar, I'm not sure how to do that. Any help?

just needs new strings. right now wthout the strings to balance the trem it's all the way back due to spring tension. 
The easiest thing to do at this point is to put the bar on and then press the bar down and put cardboard, business cards, post-it notes, etc - anything that won't damage the finish - so the trem sits about parallel to the body.

Then put your strings on and get the guitar up to pitch. Remove what ever you used to wedge the trem up and then go through the normal Floyd setup process.

This will save you a bit of time and maybe a few strings.
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Can't fix what ain't broke.  The trem looks like that because it has no strings.
Yup, that's what every Floyd Rose does if you take ll the strings off it. 
Put strings back on it and the butt end comes right up, depending on what gauge of strings were on it before. 

Think of it as a teeter-totter. If someone jumps off one end, the other end goes straight to the ground. 

This exactly. If I were you I would not buy a Floyd without knowing how to roperly set one up. I wasted tons of money on trem equipped guitars starting out. If you don't understand how a free floating trem works then dont buy one they are a pain compared to TOM Bridges and the like. That is a nice guitar though good choice.

One thing I would suggest is to block off the tremelo using this same method but never removing the block. This way you can use it as a fixed bridge guitar and change the tuning easier.
It's really not that difficult.  Just put new strings on it, bring them up to tension and if the bridge isn't sitting exactly right, then adjust the springs in the back.  No need to block it up or anything.  You can even remove a FR and change out the pickups, then put it back it without having to retune the guitar.  Done it several times.  Put a little chapstick on the blades that rest on the studs to lube the bridge for better tuning stability.