Hey guys,

I got into repeating licks recently. Do you have any advice for picking lick "tabbed" below to get as fast as possible? Alternate seems to have some limits, maybe there's better solution?

-8--5----------8--5----------8--5---------8--5--------- etc
--------8--5-----------8--5---------8--5---------8--5-- etc

All notes are 8s.

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I'd probably just use alternate.  Even at 300 bpm, that's only 10 notes per second.  Not exactly mind blowing speed.  But there are a few other alternatives.  One would be to use pull-offs with alternate picking.  Pick, pull-off, pick, pull-off, etc.  Another would be to use economy picking.  Down stroke on the first note, then up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down, etc.
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