I've been playing guitar for 8 years now, and have been recently becoming more serious in developing my playing ability.
I've noticed that when it comes to playing single notes, hypothetically a blues lick starting on the G string, I upstroke ANYTHING I CAN.
I alternate pick or downstroke where it's absolutely necessary, but if I can up stroke it and it won't sound like ass, I will up stroke it. This applies to single notes, pinched harmonics, and everything. I consider myself a decent guitarist, so I want to know if this is a habit I have to break to continue developing my technique if it's going to become a hindrance.

Not sure how you can upstroke a pinch harmonic...

Regardless, do you like your tone? Sometimes an unusual attack can yield a unique tone, and a unique tone is hard to come by. I see more value in that than doing things " the right way", whatever that is.

The only major downside i could see is speed, but if you've gotten this far and it hasn't stopped you then it may not be an issue.
reverb66 I do it with my index or middle finger muting the string instead of my thumb, depending on where my picking hand was left off at that point! And I can up stroke and down stroke equally as fast, and I've been playing nothing but metal most of my life if I'm not playing blues. So i can down stroke and up stroke as fast as need be for any song, it just occurred to me that my picking is different than most people, especially metal players.
Watch Marty Friedman pick, it doesn't make much sense either but it works exceptionally well.

I say stick with what you got. Those quirks help distinguish players.
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If you're playing upbeats, you should be using up stroke. If you feel limited by your technique just start working on alt picking. It'll help coordinate your picking with the rhythm of the music.
I also play with pretty much all upstrokes. I learned Master of Puppets before I learned how to alternative pick and upstroked the entire song when I first learned it. I alternate pick the song now, I never learned to "correctly" play it with all downstrokes. But playing mostly upstrokes is not really a problem for me, I guess we just play differently than most everyone else.