Hi there,
I started playing a month ago. Went for one lesson just to get it going. I've been looking at videos and tips online.
This teacher dude showed me to move and rest the thumb up and down.

i.e. Rest my thumb on the pickup to pluck the E-string, and then move it to rest on the E-string to play the A-string.
And then move and rest the thumb on the A-string to play the D-string, and then move and rest on the D-string to play the G-string.

Most videos that I see shows a floating thumb or a thumb that stays rested on the pickup while the plucking fingers move up and down all the strings.

Now I am not so sure. I feel comfortable with my teacher's style because it seems to keep my hand more "closed" as opposed to locking the thumb on the pickup and stretching the plucking fingers all the way down.

Your input and advice would be greatly appreciated as always.

Thank you