So today I bought this $90 amp (aus) from a vintage store that sold a variety of things, it sounds great and works perfectly fine, however upon google searching it in order to find out about it i.e. when it was made, how much it was worth, etc., I couldn't find it anywhere. The brand on it is called "Magnum" and the model number is CG 50b. If anyone knows anything/can shed any light it would be greatly appreciated. 

3 minutes of Googling yields:

A cheap solid state bass practice amp. 50 watts, hence the model name. These things were made in Korea.

This exact same amp has also been rebranded as Rogue, who also brand other cheap practice amps.


It's common for cheap practice amps to fall under several generic brand names.

They sell used for peanuts. Some have said they retail new for $130 US. They don't have much in the way of meaningful value.
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It's an old (ish) amp. Not vintage. 

In the same way that old wine is vinegar. Very little of it is "vintage."